Stylish and contrasting. Deamercy WordPress Theme for photographers.

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We have developed this theme specially for professional photographers, in which we tried to implement interesting styles for albums and the images look. It has a wide range of styles for albums.

Styles and Variety of Variations

If you have many photos of horizontal layout, landscapes and so on, you will need a specific style in which you can submit your work in a very best way. For smaller and everyday photos you can use the styles of Masonry or Grid, where in multiple columns you can accommodate many pictures. For presentation or spectacular perception dynamic sliders from large photos with different effects will approach that will give it’s full beauty.

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We also made chips, including on a white background, as this gives a certain advantage when viewing certain photos. One photo looks beautiful on a dark background, and the other looks great on the white one.

Portfolio and blog

It has a large number of styles for the portfolio and blog, give your site volume and informative content. You can easily create a beautiful portfolio with photos or videos.

Various blogs help to constantly share useful information with your visitors and customers. That will attract more visitors to your site. Different styles of blogs are suitable for different purposes, if you plan to write many articles, then the style of posts with a picture on top and 3-4 columns will be more suitable, if you do not have time and posts will appear seldom, then you can choose a different style with a large photo preview and a short title.

Site Navigation

In the current version of the WordPress Themes, there are 2 versions available: 1) Sidebar; 2) Top menu fixed from the top. Since we understand someone likes it from the side, and for those who do not like it, you can use the classic menu from the top.

Ready-made page templates and albums

We created a large number of ready-made template pages, which would be better to make you create pages. You only need to replace the information and photos with your own and you will have all the necessary pages (Such as About company, Contacts, Services, etc.)

You can also select a template for the finished gallery and use them for your portfolio, this will save a lot of time if you create a gallery from scratch and customize it.

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