Psychology of Fonts: 5 Tips on How to Catch the Reader’s Attention

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Without a doubt, typography is one of the most important aspects for the design of any site. Unquestionably, using the successfully chosen fonts you can easily attract the attention of your visitors.

What is more, you can also awake some pleasant feeling with the help of beautiful web fonts. All in all, typography is the thing that literally shows your content. We all know that the images with bad quality never look good on a website. You wouldn’t use them for your website, would you? In the end, low-quality pictures make a site look unprofessional. Actually, we can say the same about the typography. Indisputably, the main goal of every website’s owner is to have the regular visitors. Well, today we are going to help you with it. That is why in this post we will give you 5 on tips how to catch the attention of your readers using fonts.

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Remember about readability!

First of all, readability is the thing you should always remember about, if you want site to find its audience. Seeing that, you have to choose the web fonts that are comfortable to read. As you may know, there are two things that you surely need: legibility and readability. The last one refers to the way in which the blocks and the words are arranged on your online pages. Without it people will not like your website, even if you have the most interesting and unique content. Why? Well, because they will simply not be able to see it.

Don’t forget about legibility!

To start with, legibility refers to the design of a typeface. What is more, it also refers to how well one individual character can be distinguished from another. Moreover, legibility additionally refers to how well-defined the word shapes are. Seeing that, keep in mind that the fonts that look great in the headlines aren’t always good for body copy. In the end, would you like your online project to be popular? In this case, you have to pay a special attention to the readability and legibility of your website’s fonts. All in all, comfort has always been the first component of success.

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Think about a visual hierarchy of your web design!

Well, we all know that traditionally you always need at least 2 things to create an impressing contrast. For example, sometimes the most usual colors make the successful combinations. Remember about white and red for Coca-Cola or red and green for Christmas? Well, the typography of your website is not an exception. To start with, you usually need two web fonts. With it, the first font will be for the headings, when the second one is for body. What is more, it may be a combination of different colors, various font families, sizes or font weights. In a word, here is a place for your creativity! You may literally create any combination you want.

Still, remember that your final goal is to create a visual hierarchy. Shortly, you need it in order to help people to scan your content in the quickest way. Furthermore, with the help of properly made visual hierarchy the visitors of your website will identify the most important elements. What is more, they will also understand how these elements relate to each other with no effort. As a result, such action will not only save the viewers’ time. It will also make a winning showcase for your website. In the end, it is not a secret that people usually scan the whole page in several seconds.

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Don’t forget about harmony!

Well, now you know a lot about the web fonts. Thus, here is a proper time for another tip. To make a long story short, you need to find your own harmony! Why do you need it? Well, let’s remind this wise Thomas Phinney’s quote: “Typography is like fashion, or furniture. With rare functional exceptions, the world doesn’t need new clothing or furniture designs, but people want to look different or evoke a particular feeling or fit with a particular look, and there are trends and styles.” How do you think, does your services/ products / brands have their own personalities? Needless to say, they do. So the same thing is with the web fonts. For these simple reasons, you should think twice about choosing a font for your online project. All in all, your final decision-making has to harmonize with your brand or services.

In a word, the typography of your website (and your site by itself) should convey your own message. Without a doubt, it is quite important aspect. First of all, your website will not look professional when its subjects and appearance are not harmonized. All in all, you introduce your items / services / ideas to the huge web audience! Thus, just make sure that there are no disconnects. For example, you shouldn’t use some funny or retro fonts for a website that is related to politics. Well, it would be ok if your website is about kindergarten, not about serious things. In the end, it is always easy to recognize a brand for its font. As a result, a properly chosen typography not only depicts your own personality. What is more, it also makes your services more identifiable and recognizable.

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Finally, find your own style!

Yep, you know about harmony and we hope that you will take a care about it. Still, there is one more question: how can you find your own style? All in all, we have already told you that all the elements of your website design should have one style. But what should do those guys, who are still not sure, if they have a style at all? Maybe you are not sure if you need to find your own style? Well, in this case, be sure that you do, in case you want your project to be a well-known one. And we have already mentioned in the previous point that your style will help it to be recognizable. So how can one find their own style?

To begin with, just ask yourself what you would like your online project to be known for? What are the feelings and emotions you want it to create? Without a doubt, these easy questions will help you to make a right choice. To illustrate, let’s take a closer look at the most popular kinds of the web fonts!

  • First of all, let’s think about the handwritten fonts. Unquestionably, today they are a great alternative to the classic italic / cursive style. Basically, the handwritten fonts are just perfect for various creative projects. That is why they embody such soft things as friendliness and femininity. Are you the one, who want to set up an elegant and charming online project? In this case, the handwritten fonts are what you need.
  • To continue, now Serif fonts are the most useful ones. What should you know about them? Well, firstly, Serif fonts are classic. For these simple reasons, they always look good. Secondly, these fonts embody such things as authority and respectability. Would you like your project to look solid? Thus, don’t hesitate to use the Serif fonts for its design.
  • Next, the Script fonts! Needless to say, these cursive fonts are also quite famous. What is more, they look formal and elegant at the same time. That is why many designers prefer to use these flowy and fluid fonts for such things as wedding cards.

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  • Looking for something that is more modern? In this case, take a closer look at the Sans Serif fonts. To make a long story short, Sans Serif fonts are quite simple and clean. All in all, it makes them useful, so here is an optimal decision for an innovative project!
    For today it was all the information. We hope the mentioned tips were helpful for you and soon you will choose the winning fonts for your website. Given these points, what do you think about the future of typography? How do you imagine your own ideal kind of typography as for a reader and for a site owner? Do you prefer classic, unusual or more modern web fonts? By the way, maybe you have already used some of the mentioned tips for your site and have some thoughts to share? In this case, don’t hesitate to leave all of your questions, suggestions and reviews below, in the comments field! Help us to become better for you! P.S. Finally, don’t forget that all templates from this post are ready-made and easy in use. The team of TemplateMonster professionally designed each of them for your comfort. Thus, remember to visit their Service Center in order to get more information about these wonderful and well-running website templates. By the way, the company provides the website themes for every business type. To illustrate, here is their amazing selection of the blog WordPress themes.
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