Do you want to become an author on Themeforest?

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For sure the beginners were thinking how to do it. What should be done first? We decided to share with you the experience and prepared some instruction how to deal with Themeforest.

To make it easier for you and avoid the same mistakes in development, we have identified several basic motivations that we will write about below.

1. Analysis and analytics

You need to start with the analysis of competitive projects all the time and the best in your theme, look at their best aspects and focus on something that will help you inspire the interest of your audience and not yield to other projects. Always look at the number of sales of WordPress themes, templates. Pay attention to the reviews, it happens that people write what they lack in this or that theme, and what is superfluous. Track design trends, if you can not get good design and code, then most likely your task will not be successful or your theme will not be accepted at all. 

2. Creativeness and Design

This is an important theme for WordPress themes and templates. Because of the oversaturation of the market, Themforest began to take a closer look at design, content and strictly check every element. Therefore, do not neglect the design and trivialities that can be realized in your project. The buyers have become equally diluted, because of the large volume of different wordpress themes, they start to choose the best ones, where there are more useful functions, ready templates and different variations of demo projects . Therefore, if your theme consists of one template and it has a small functionality, then they can not accept it or you will have very few sales. not standard solutions for themes on Themforest are welcome, but you need to be careful, since buyers may not understand your ideas, your theme can be found Failure and just become a waisted time. 

3. Presentation and advertising

Do not neglect the presentation and design of your project, it helps to reveal all the best sides and show to buyers who usually look at the product as a product on the storefront, and if they do not like it, then most likely they will pass by. Make the decoration, show a few Screen shots of the project, highlight the advantages graphically, write unique texts and a description of your wordpress theme or template. Use all kinds of advertising media, both free and paid. From free information resources of the Behance, Dribbler type. Do the mailing by mail. Advertise your products in popular social networks Facebook, Twitter, Linkeid, Vkontakte and others. Affiliate advertising will also be useful, but it is if your wallet can handle it, it’s very difficult to do it at the start. 

4. Support and communication

Never make buyer wait for a long time. Provide timely support and help solve the problem, and not just unsubscribe and forget about the problem. Otherwise, he will put a bad review and will never return to you, and you need to recruit your base of satisfied customers (subscribers) who will be your regular customers in the future. If you have the opportunity to make your support forum, then do it. Users will be able to solve some of the problems with users, which can save you time and nerves.


This is just a small part of what can be described, perhaps you have something to say and share your experience and observations. Write in the comments, we will gladly talk about this topic. Subscribe to the news and support us, it’s important to us! 

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