12 Creative and unusual online stores

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We often look and analyze interesting projects that inspire us. Now we have prepared a small selection of stylish and unusual online stores and would like to share with you. Look and maybe this will push you to new ideas and give inspiration.


1. Vaara


Large and vivid pictures evoke the trust and uniqueness of the brand. Large photos give you a chance to see the small details of the products and evaluate their quality. The basis is taken clean and bright style with large photos of beautiful models in the products.

2. India May Home


The site is made in light colors in which pastel colors predominate. The catalog on the main is made in the style of masonry where the photos of products of different heights. All products are divided into different collections that gives the buyer all that is needed and maintain a single style.

3. Allbirds


A beautiful banner shows the products in all their glory. Very good reception where between static pictures of products animated video goods are used, which gives a very piquant and lively note to this site. Internal pages of the goods are realized in the form of a page lending which tells more about the product with photos, icons, video and pleasant animation.

4. NutsandWoods


A bright and minimalist store is realized using a non-standard grid where the goods seem to float through the air of different widths and heights. Also uses a smooth animation of pictures using the parallax effect. Very stylish and unusual navigation on the whole site. The product page is made in a minimalism using a collage of photos of different formats.

5. Status Audio Headphones


A site that looks very expensive due to large photos and clean, minimalistic style. Beautifully handy is the internal product page with beautiful camera angles and description.

6. Litespeed


Beautiful and dynamic style of the site adds video to the background, where the product is shown in all its glory. Bright and juicy red color gives raisins and at the same time retains a not aggressive style. The product slider allows you to view the entire range of products without going to the catalog.

7. Ro Sham Beaux


Bright and light shop of accessories for the interior. Large photos of goods, a good catalog and the division of products into collections.

8. Soma


Pleasant blue and white colors give the product a trusted image of the goods that they sell. The product page is made using a larger photo and a detailed, understandable description.

9. Lensabl


A stylish banner with video gives the speakers a store of glasses. Beautiful and custom flut icons describing the advantages of the goods, parallax effects create an easy and pleasant pageview.

10. Paul Valentine


Beautiful effects, sidebar, highlight the premium brand and make the store expensive and stylish. Large photos and various effects when viewing create a positive and vivid impression of viewing, such a product you want to immediately buy 🙂

11. Freda Salvador


A simple and intuitive site with the use of collages and a custom grid when submitting products and various information. The product page is simple and without any unnecessary information in the classical style.

12. Opsundbay


An unusual effect for the outerwear store. A beautiful view of products by scrolling photos using the cursor where you can see all the small details and textures of products. Stylish diagonal animations give the store uniqueness and dynamics.

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