11 Sites where you can buy a good WordPress Theme

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Many beginning businessmen usually wonder where to buy a simple, convenient and not expensive website.

After all, even beginning businessmen do not have a lot of money and budgets to order the development of a unique website from some studio or agency. And our favorite WordPress templates come in handy, various Landing templates that are not expensive, are quickly payed off and are easy to learn even for the most inexperienced users (businessmen).

And we decided to make a brief survey of the most popular sites where you can find similar templates for your business and quickly buy. As practice shows over a week, you can implement a fully working project on a template, which in the agency or studio will take several months of work. Of course the difference will be significant, but is it necessary for a beginning businessman? Of course not.

Let’s look at the most popular sites and shops where you can find WordPress themes and various templates:

1. Themeforest

The largest WordPress store that we know, it contains of more than 9000+ different WordPress themes on various topics, from blogs to stores. A huge selection of different templates implemented on various other technologies and engines (Joomla, Magento, Drupal, MODX, WooCommerce and many other platforms). You can choose for yourself a topic by various parameters, by date, by popularity, or by one or another topic (construction, medicine, restaurants, agencies, portfolio, blog and other areas). Each topic has a detailed description, characteristics, which version supports the template. Also, you automatically receive 6 months of support from the author (seller), which helps a lot in the event of any errors or malfunctions in the WordPress theme.


2. Themify.me

A small number of WordPress templates, there are additional plug-ins both paid and free. Also this store offers to buy for just $ 79 all the available WordPress themes in their store. All these themes use their own visual builder from the company Themify. Using it, you can collect various pages and templates.


3. Template Monster

Another one of the most famous and large platforms where you can find many different templates for various platforms including WordPress themes. Category WordPress is gaining momentum, now there are more than 1200 + templates of various topics . Many options for filtering and selecting the right template. A large variation of the parameters when buying and a variety of payment methods, it will easily help you to purchase a WordPress theme that you liked. A good and detailed description of the WordPress theme will help you learn more about the theme and learn about all its advantages.


4. Mojo Themes

Another one of the most familiar sites where you can find good and successful WordPress themes, HTML templates and other materials. But the site has not been updated for a long time, it does not work consistently with periodic interruptions. In the description of WordPress and html templates, not everything is detailed in detail, but all the main points can be found, as well as everywhere there is a DEMO version of the templates that would familiarize themselves with the template in detail before buying.

Mojo Themes

5. Templatic

The site is positioned as a shop of premium WordPress themes with individual support, as well as with the possibility of a monthly subscription (if desired) where you get the full set of WordPress themes and you can use them in your projects. On the WordPress theme page there is also a detailed description of the topic, with pictures and advantages, you can see in detail all the effects and design on the demo site of this WordPress theme.


6. Elegant Themes

This site where WordPress themes can be obtained by one of the subscription options, only by subscribing and selecting a specific plan at the time of registration. There are two subscription opt Options for $89 Yearly Access and $ 249 Lifetime Access, each has its own advantages and needs to be selected based on your requirements. In the database there are 88 different WordPress templates that you can use under certain conditions after registration and payment of the subscription. As well as other sites, there is a description of the WordPress theme, with all the benefits and a demo version of the theme. The templates use their own visual designer with which you can change and collect various new templates.

Elegant Themes

7. Theme Trust

Less known to us is the site where you can find qualitative and professional WordPress templates as written on the company’s website. A light and easy website with which you can pick up a suitable WordPress theme since there are not so many of them, only 19 WordPress themes that you can buy for yourself. Basically, these templates are suitable for those who want to create for themselves a small portfolio site or a site for a small company that wants to show their projects. Description of the advantages and characteristics of the WordPress template is not so large and understandable, so not all the features can be discerned at a glance.

Theme Trust

8. Rocket Theme

Another project where you can find good and interesting WordPress themes, as well as templates on the free platform Joomla. A little strange and unusual submission of templates, there is no price that causes some discomfort. In the description the main characteristics of this WordPress template are taken out, not enough pictures to understand what you are buying. But there is a demo version of the template, where you can see everything in detail and study before buying. There is a section with documentation and various supporting materials that needs to be read before purchasing.

Rocket Theme

9. Modern Themes

A platform in which you can find several qualitative and professional WordPress templates as the developers say. Beautiful and vivid pictures (preview) of WordPress that cause a positive impression, So wanted to look inside. Each theme is made in the form of a small lending with a description of this WordPress theme and its characteristics, as well as with various variations of the purchase of this WordPress template (For yourself, for developers and an option without limited use), choose the plan that suits you. As well as all similar sites have a demo version of this WordPress template where you can read and study the template in detail before buying.

Modern Themes

10. Tesla Themes

An interesting and beautiful venue where you can also choose a beautiful and unique WordPress theme for yourself. In the database there are more than 60+ different variants of WordPress templates. There is a detailed description of the theme, as well as you can see the demo version of the WordPress template. There is an interesting chip when buying, you can choose and order additional services, such as: installing WordPress, installing and configuring the purchased WordPress theme, which can be useful if you do not understand how to do it all and you do not have a familiar expert for installing and configuring the purchased WordPress Theme, but have to pay extra, which is not always suitable for new businessmen)

Tesla Themes

11. Theme Junkie

Another site with a small amount of WordPress themes, as well there are various options for buying a theme considering what you need it for. The site is fairly easy to use, there is all the necessary information and WordPress theme descriptions when buying. The choice of templates is not so great, but you can find themes for a blog, store or personal portfolio. There are several HTML templates.

Theme Junkie

I hope our small review of the sites will be useful to you and you learned a lot of interesting places where you can buy WordPress, Html templates. Do not forget that in our store you can also find many unique and stylish WordPress and HTML templates. Why should you buy from us? It’s just that we try to single out our themes from others, giving them uniqueness of design, style, speed of work, so that you can stand out from the set of identical and identical templates which have accumulated a lot.

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