Why You Should Optimize WP-themes Graphics

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The website speed influences SEO incredibly (ask Google) but only few experts say it is necessary to optimize the WP-theme as well as minifying in-post images and thumbnails.

But it is indeed. Let’s consider the main advantages of optimizing the WP-template:

—  The website is loading faster even when using mobile web
—  It becomes more user-friendly due to higher speed
—  The graphics included in a WP-theme is usually first-to-load

As you know WordPress can be easily adopted for different tasks and that’s his main advantage. You can extend it tremendously by only adding a few lines of code or installing some useful plug-ins. There are in fact millions of helpful add-ons and source-code tips that can make your blog even more powerful but you should use them carefully.

Template elements are shown on every page of the website and therefore reducing their size will definitely give your website a speed boost to shoot you up in the search results. It’s time to examine tricks to optimize graphics in your WordPress theme.

1. First you can use one of the services that decrease images’ size:

Reduce Images is an easy way to scale down large images. There are only 3 steps:
1) Upload an image from your PC or tablet
2) Resize and compress it according to your needs
3) Finally Download a new image

Image Optimizer does the same but you can set the size parameters on the same page you upload an image +there is a free PC-version of this optimizer (adds watermarks)!

ImageSmaller makes your images smaller (what a surprise!) but it acts automatically showing the reduction percent.

JPEGmini by BEAMR  is another one service to reduce the images’ size and it in fact minifies it gently without reducing the quality of the picture.

TinyPNG The most popular service for optimizing graphic materials (jpg and png formats) Up to 25 images are available on a free basis, then you will need to choose a tariff plan. There is another option for buying a plug-in for Photoshop, it is more expensive but in general it will be more useful and more profitable if you constantly optimize the graphics.

2. Second you can check your website speed through the specialized web-tools:

Pingdom Website Speed Test is a useful tool to measure numerous features of your web-site: Summary (load time, page size, no of requests etc.), Content size by content type (images, scripts, CSS etc.), Content size by domain and so on

GTmetrix gives even more data about your size load time, page size and the zest is a waterfall chart that shows the loading behavior of your page in a selected browser.

3. Get the high-speed optimized WP-theme that fits your needs:

Deamercy Photographer WordPress Theme is a brand new template for photo-blogs that will astonish any photographer and knock out every user! Try it on now

Newsider Travel Blog WordPress Theme is a stylish and flexible blog/magazine theme, suitable for travel-, fashion-or even politics-blogs Get it on now

Kirsten Wedding Photographer Theme is a perfect template for the wedding photographer to make an ideal portfolio. It’s also great for any other photographer, because it’s flexible and easy-to-change! Take it on now

Feel free to CREATE! EvaThemes will turn it amazing!!
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