Painless migration to WordPress. Themes-aspect.

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WordPress had announced the 4.9 update recently and it now became even more powerful.

As it is said in the official “Billy Tipton WordPress 4.9” press-release the main features of an improved version are:

– ameliorated workflow with brand new preview links, design drafts, planning of posts;
– highlighting of source-code syntax and checking of mistakes;
– extra tools for configuring, browsing and toggling WP-themes etc.

Intrigued, aren’t you? Then it’s time for you to migrate your web-site to the WP – the platform that was chosen by millions of personal/corporate users around the world!

But first you should understand that while transferring files and configuring the database it’s essential to avoid downtime ‘cause it will be a catastrophe. You will need to make a dump and it’s better to download it on your PC.

When you’ve finished with this you are ready to move to WP. But just a second: what type of source is your website powered:

1) Any kind of CMS
2) Non-CMS

It’s a big luck if your site is operating under any other CMS – they usually have plugins that facilitates the migration process. Plus the WordPress codex contains over 50 manuals to import content from CMS (not only blogging ones but also specialized software, online platforms etc.). That’s why you will need to check if your website’s CMS is in WordPress list (or look for it among the Plugin Repository).
Non-CMS websites are less agile but still migrating to WP is essential because it’s easier to manage your posts using a powerful tool with thousands of add-ons without thinking how to program them. If your website doesn’t have SQL-database there is no other way to migrate except
of manual (Copy+Paste) x N *
Don’t panic! You will receive massive learning experience in return! ))
* N – is a number of posts from your old website.


If your website has a recognizable styling and it is important to keep it while migrating to WordPress, you will need to make a personal WP-theme. It’s rather easy to create it yourself but you can also try to take a trial-trip using one of stunning EvaThemes! They are very cozy and multipurpose PLUS most of them are adapted for WordPress 4.9.

Think twice before choosing a free theme because most likely it won’t fit your current and future needs. At the same time custom theme development is more expensive than buying a premium WordPress theme at our repository and it’s a good chance to bring up some brand-new ideas. Premium WP-templates by EvaThemes are adorably designed and dynamic ensuring your website’s success!


If you didn’t find a plugin to move the website to WP automatically you will need to move your posts manually. While doing this try to refresh your texts and actualize images to attract even more users. Don’t be afraid to face criticism from users or clients – your caravan goes on!

Still it is wise to restructure your website and delete the outdated information that lowers its appeal. Before starting the migration you will need to create a “moving-plan” that helps you through the process.

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