Voyager Theme 2.4 has been released, get it now for only 29$

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Dear users and readers, we are pleased to inform you that we have updated the best-selling blog-magazine WordPress theme Voyager, and now you may get it for 50% discount – 29$, just one week. Be first to use a super discount. It has delighted you for several years, gaining a reputation as a truly best blog-magazine WordPress theme. We try to follow all new trends and directions in design and functionality. Meet the new style of the blog, it includes two new custom post-format from the most relevant social networks. A beautiful and fashionable blog made in mosaic style, where the posts are harmoniously combined into a single whole picture, you also can insert Instagram post with your photos or display the latest entries from your Twitter between postages. Stylized Quote and Link will allow you to alternate them with the usual posts of the blog. The standard post has several types of display, an image from the top, an image on the side or an image on the background that will add variety to your blog.

The theme also updated the store for WoCommerce to the latest version 3.0, now you can use all the functionality that is implemented in the update of WooCommerce.

Perhaps you will be interested to share with your visitors an interactive map of your destination places, for this we added an interactive map to the theme.


A new demo site Personal Travel was added, based on a new style for the blog, take it, import and enjoy the beautiful result.

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