Google Maps API key

Google maps requires an API key in order to show the map. If you see an error: Ooops! Something went wrong then you have to add a Google API key to your site that will allow you to use Google maps.

Step 1 – Get the API key

Follow these steps to get an API key:

  1. Go to the Google API Console.
  2. From the dropdown, choose Create a Project and click Continue
  3. This process may take a minute. You will see some notifications and a spinning bell icon.
  4. The API manager will appear. By default, the Google Maps Javascript API is selected.
  5. Click What Credentials Do I Need?
  6. Under Get your Credentials, copy the API Key

In the Google API Console, you can also look up an existing key or view a list of enabled APIs.

Step 2 – Assign the API key

Go to Theme Options -> General -> Google Maps API Key and paste copied API key to Google Maps API Key field:

Click Save Changes and you should be able to view Google Maps on your site.