Adobe XD. Arpil Updates for Windows

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Adobe recently released the long-awaited update for Adobe XD (Windows Version).

The program received a monthly update for the Windows Version of the product. Several useful and popular features were added that were not enough when working with projects of varying complexity. Also, many minor mistakes and improvements to current tools were fixed.

Let’s take a closer look at these useful functions and think about why they are needed, what they simplify or vice versa, what became worse and inconvenient.


Now you can easily work with the masks that we so often used to see in Photoshop. If the picture itself was adjusted for the object (mask) before, now it can be moved, choose the most successful camera angle or part of the photo, so that the picture in the mask was the most successful and colorful. Applying the mask became easy and simple, you can use hot keys or use the right mouse button to activate it. A good and convenient tool for working with photos in projects.

Boolean Operations

This is also a very useful tool that moved with Photoshop and Illustrator, now you can easily subtract various forms that will easily and simply create more complex forms in projects. It became easier to create Icons for projects, plus it will always be possible to further modify them and resize without losing quality. A very useful tool, it gives more opportunities when working with icons and various complex shapes.

Bring in Images From Your Browser

A very useful feature with drag and drop images directly to the working screen or object. Now you do not need to open folders, look for images, you can just drag the image into the desired area and it will fit there automatically.

What else was added?

– Support for Japanese and Korean was added
– Various minor bugs were fixed

As Adobe says, they are really trying to narrow the gap between the versions for iOS and Windows, and they get to reduce this distance with each update, for which we thank Adobe a lot.

We will follow the updates and this very interesting product (Adobe XD) as it is very simple and easy to use.

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