Adobe XD. First impression – Part I

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First impression.

For a long time we have been waiting for this interesting tool. At first glance, a very simple and intuitive. All the usual panels, minimum of settings, minimum superfluous information. Just what we need. The speed is impressive, all is very fast, does not lag, does not slow down. We will not compare to our competitors, to say who is better, why, we will just describe what we liked in Adobe XD.



There are all the necessary tools for UI \ UX designer, with their help you can create anything you want. What kind of tools, you might ask?
Here are some examples:

  1. Rectangle (You can create any form, format them)
  2. Circle (Works just like a rectangle)
  3. Direct (Everything is simple, good old lines)
  4. Working with the curves (the good old tool that exists in Illustrator and Photoshop )
  5. Working with fonts (Here, too, everything looks like a Photoshop, only less settings)
  6. Working with areas (artboard creates different areas according to set parameters)



What useful features we found.


  1. It is easy to work with the grid, you can easily choose its size, and to draw comfortable and smooth shapes, icons and so on.
  2. Illumination of distance between objects and elements when you hover over it. Very handy when you need to check the distance between objects, lines or photos.
  3. Duplication grouped blocks, it is generally a mega super useful tool. Now you do not have to copy 10 times the same, Adobe XD do it for you but you will need to replace the text and pictures.
  4. Easily to create working prototypes with animation.
  5. Export of finished designs in a variety of formats, once prepared for various permits, applications. Very comfortably.
  6. Inserting and replacing images, they automatically adjust to the set area (rectangle, circle or other shape) and object formatting are not affected. And to insert a picture is very easy, just drag it to the object.
  7. Quick Sets UI Kit from popular operating systems (Google Materials, Apple IOS, Microsoft Windows) has everything you need and no need to look somewhere.



Live prototypes.

Another very useful feature is the creation of prototypes of interaction. You can create relinking between objects or pages and demonstrate this in prototype mode. Customers will be delighted because they can immediately see a working version of the future application or site template.


Updates and development.

Of course this is a new instrument and there is not a large set of tools and functionality, but, Adobe has extensive experience in developing great software and will continue to develop it. So we are waiting for updates and improvements of Adobe XD. We believe that they will succeed and will have another favorite tool for Ui \ UX designers and developers.
This is our first cursory review of Adobe XD, we will continue to dismantle more tools, we will practice and create a small application. Follow the news, sign up and we are ready to discuss together Adobe XD. Thank you.

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